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Suicide Prevention: What You Need to Know

September 10, 2020

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Thoughts following the viewing of Fattitude


What exactly is fat?  What does it mean to call yourself or someone else fat?  At the most basic level, fat is merely an adjective related to size no different than thin, tall, or short.  However, the adjective of fat also includes other information inlaid within it that we all are influenced by, whether we identify as fat or not. 

As we explored in my previous blog post When is the Right Time to Start Therapy? the decision to start therapy is often a very thoughtful and difficult one.  Part of that challenge is trying to imagine the therapeutic experience with a stranger and worrying about who you would choose to work with.  Would they be able to help you?  Who should I choose? 

The decision to start therapy usually weighs on people's minds for extended periods of time before they decide to take the leap into starting or continuing their therapeutic journey.  Some people have never been to therapy and are unsure what to expect or are skeptical of the benefits.  Others have gone in the past and chose to or had to stop and are unsure if they want to start again.  Therapy is a commitment, this most people know.  It is a deep, meaningful experience and relationship with their clinician....

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